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CNA Program Wins Workforce Excellence Award

On Thursday, June 09, 2016, the CNA Program was awarded a Workforce Excellence Award for Populations under 15,000 by the Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC).

In 2001, the TEDC created a Workforce Award to recognize the exceptional contributions of Texas communities who have implemented successful workforce initiatives. Criteria for evaluation include: Innovativeness, Transferability, Community Commitment and Leverage, Measured Objectives, and Secondary Benefits.

The CNA Program was created by collaborations between Central Texas Opportunities, Inc., Coleman County Medical Center, Coleman Economic Development Corporation 4A, Workforce Solutions of West Central Texas, and the Coleman ISD ACE Program.

Pictured above are the collaborators. Left to Right: Sheila Payne (CTO), Stacey Vasquez (CCMC), Kim Little (CEDC), Danny Jameson (CISD ACE), Robert Puls (WSWCT), Melissa Ereman (CCMC), Mary Ross (WSWCT), and Hanna Adams (CTO).

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