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Head Start Policy Council

Policy Council - Camille Dell - bio and

Camille Dell - Policy Council Chairperson

My name is Camille Dell, I am a single mother of a little boy named Carter Dell . Coming from humble beginnings, I have acquired a growth mindset, in turn encouraging me to strive for success. I am a student currently waiting to return to college in the Fall of 2021 to complete my area of study in Respiratory therapy. My hobbies are studying real estate, marketing, selling, producing, working out, and my favorite basketball. I love watching people succeed and become the best versions of
themselves. Your circumstances DO NOT define you as a person therefore, I will always be honest about where I am in life. I hope to be a leader for people who have began and endured similar situations. I look forward to creating the life that I want and sharing all my knowledge with my son and friends. I wanted to be a part of the policy committee for several reasons. I want my son to know that regardless of any circumstance, I will be involved. I also joined for the experience that I will expect to apply to many situations throughout my life. Lastly, I joined to make my voice heard in front of the people who can and will do something about it. I appreciate the opportunity to serve on this policy committee as chairperson, Thank you.

Policy Council - Erin Meredith

Erin Meredith - Policy Council Vice-Chairperson 

I’m Erin Meredith I’m 28 years olds and I chose to be on the policy council because I think the agency is such a great recourse for the community and as a mom of four boys, two of which go to head start, it is a resource that is necessary for my family. I also run my own house cleaning business so it’s hard for me to stay involved in what happens at the centers, and I just feel like the policy council is a great way to ensure that I know what’s happening and lets me provide a voice for my community! Thank y’all so much for the opportunity to serve!

Policy Council - Lacie Fitzgerald

Lacie Fitzgerald - Policy Council Secretary

My name is Lacie Fitzgerald. I am 35 years old. I have four children, 2, 7, 12, and 14. I am excited to be on the policy council and to have an insight into the organization and all the working parts that work for our children and their families and also be able to be a voice for our center. My 14  year old, Gabriel, started the head start program when he had just turned four and I started working at his center shortly after as a floater through the Texas Workforce Commision. It didn't take long to see how incredibly dedicated and beneficial the program was for children and families like mine. I continued to work there until my coworkers had assisted me and helped with all the resources I needed to go back to college where I got my associates of the Arts degree. All my children have attended headstart and I have never been disappointed. I have always told everyone how amazing the program and people are and I have a long list of reasons why. I will always continue to advocate for this program.

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